Dip 'n Strip Glasgow Homepage
Dip 'n Strip Glasgow Homepage

The original Dip 'n Strip, right here in Glasgow, since 1983.


For almost 40 years, we have been providing the best quality stripping in Scotland.


We pride ourselves in being one of the first furniture "recycling" companies, aiming to help people re-use their furniture rather than buying new by bringing their treasures back to their former glory.


Whilst door and furiture paint stripping is our staple, we also have a number of other serviced which we can offer at extra cost should you desire, these include...


  • Waxing
  • Sanding
  • Traditional French Polishing
  • Powder Coating (for metal objects only)
  • Furniture repair
  • Re-covering of old seats
  • We can also supply old doors

Of course, depending on your requirements and specific type of furniture, the services we can provide do vary, so please get in touch via phone or E-mail and if possible send us a picutre or 2 of your items for the most prompt response.

Tel: (+44) 0777 561 3591  E-mail: dipnstripglasgow@gmail.com

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Great news, we now offer powder coating services aswell, any color available.


Welcome to Dip 'n Strip in Glasgow, providing Quality paint stripping since 1983.  With our 30+ years of experience in furniture and doors, we know how to look after your needs to the best possible standards.

Or if you'd like ,your can ask to join our thriving Facebook group page

Click above to visit our Official Facebook business page and invite your friends along.  We will be putting all of our work and updates on there aswell as the website here so you can keep up-to-date more easily without having to visit the site all the time.


Established in 1982 (first full year of operation in 1983), Dip 'n Strip have been providing quality paint removel from most types of doors and furniture in Scotland.


We do free pickup and delivery in the Glasgow, Greenock and Helensbrugh areas.  Most other areas we can also do for a very reasonable delivery charge so please get in touch.


Work usually takes around 10 days to completion.


We provide a comprehensive, professional service for all customers, both domestic and commercial. 


Please note a few of our T's & C's so's everyone is clear on how we do things.

1) Payment is due when the work is returned.
2)Whilst every possible care is taken, we cannot guarantee the safety of:

 i)Glass or mirrors.

ii)Veneers or plywood.

Hence we are not obliged to provide any refund should these get damaged during the stripping process however, usually there is little risk involved and we do our best to ensure the safest possible care is taken.


3)If the item has been previously stripped, there is no guarantee that all paint will be removed from the grain.


4)Some priming stains do not respond to the chemical treatment process.

5)Anything left longer than 3 months will be sold to cover costs.



We also have a wide selection of doors for sale, please call for details.


Plus we like to buy antique furniture and retro bikes inc BMX's.



Please find above a selection of our recently completed work showing various before's and after shots of doors and chairs being stripped.  This gives you an idea of the results you should expect from the stripping process should you like your furniture stripped by us.


Prices are subject to the type of item so please get in touch for the best quote.



if contacting us through our contact form or via e-mail please provide a few photos and dimensions if you can to enable us to give you the most prompt response.


For internal doors, all hooks should be off and preferably handles aswell (though if you have trouble with this you can leave them on).  Hinges can be left on but doors should be unhung ready for collection.


If you are in a tenament or multi-storey building your items can be collected if they are brought down to atleast the first floor.


We look forward to hearing from you all son and thank you very much for your interest and looking at our page.

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