Dip 'n Strip Glasgow Homepage
Dip 'n Strip Glasgow Homepage
Door & furniture paint/varnish removal
Door & furniture paint/varnish removal

 Telephone/Whatsapp: (+44) 0777 561 3591

E-mail: dipnstripglasgow@gmail.com

Our Story

The Original Dip 'n Strip, encouraging people to recycle & re-discover their old doors & furniture for nearly 40 years.


Dating all the way back to 1980 the original founders of Dip 'n Strip Glasgow conceived a brilliant business for Clydebank, and the rest of Scotland long before the Clydebank Business Park tarmac was even laid down.

 Shortly after aquiring the permissions and their original premises they founded around Dec 1982 and started setting up our original unit as you can see the entrance to in the picture above.


Then, beginning in 1983 they started advertising to the nation and from there we now have our nearly 40 year heritage serving customers all over the country with the finest quality stripping for their treasured doors and furniture.


We have done all sorts of items over the years and have built up a very sound knowledge of the stripping process and we aim to satisfy every individual customer who stops by and we always appreciate everybody who has taken their time to wander by our website and have a look at the results of what we do


We now have a new powder coating service for metal objects aswell.


Feel free to visit our Official Facebook business page and invite your friends along.  We will be putting all of our work and updates on there aswell as the website here so you can keep up-to-date more easily without having to visit the site all the time.


We look forward to many more years of high-quality service to everyone.

Our Retro Pictures Gallery

Here we have our Retro gallery where we'll be adding more and more of our old photo negatives from years gone by as we convert them over, showing some of the many items we've stripped and restored over the years aswell as our good times and memories.

This is a beautiful antique which our owner had owned & restored a few years ago which we thought we'd share with you all as part of what we love, antiques of any sort and helping to give them a new lease on life.


Here we have this ca 1900 FlameCo Electric fire.  One of the first electric fires made in England.



Electric fire all painted and restored to perfect working order.


Restored (Rear)

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